Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL - is spot on!

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Lots of people in jacksonville live in houses with carpet.  In fact even in a coastal town most of the population lives with carpet.  You would think tile is the main thing, but its not the case.  

With living in a coastal town, carpets need to be treated better and taken better care of with routine cleaning
and spot treatment and sometimes odor treatment.  The chemicals to do this that you might discover sitting
on your local hardware store shelf could actually RUIN your carpets completely.

Most people do the wrong thing when it comes to treating a stain or cleaning their carpet.  They start immediately scrubbing the floor where the stain is and unknowingly they actually force the soiled area or stained area deeper into the carpet.  This makes it even more difficult to remove, even by a professional like carpet cleaning jacksonville fl.

They use state of the art equipment but also really show care when they come out to perform the job.  Where some companies use bait and switch tactics to lure unsuspecting  customers into calling for a super cheap room of cleaning only to find the price only includes a small area and the real price is much much higher.  Icleancarpet doesn't do that.  Instead they come out and quote the price AFTER they see the area.  They take note of heavily traveled halls and can even estimate how often a customer needs to clean a particular room based on the traffic and use in that room.

While there, Aaron and his team can also clean your rugs and couches using the same equipment.  When finished Icleancarpet will walk over the cleaned areas with you to make sure you are completely satisfied!
Not all companies care this much and I for one, definitely think this company is spot on!  

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